Our timber-frame kits are constructed
to be easily assembled and provide
a lifetime of quality and enjoyment
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Constructed of high-quality, durable, hemlock
wood, our timber-frame kits reflect the beauty
and strength of early American craftsmanship.
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View Our Timber Frame Kits Build Your Own Heirloom Timber Frame Structure
Watch as Hannah and her father build a Pioneer's Pride pavilion kit in one afternoon.

Rich in Tradition, Reputation, and the Highest of Quality

Welcome To Pioneer's Pride

We're your source for extraordinary property adornments such as barns, pavilions, dog houses and more, all built using our Pioneer's Pride brand timber frame construction kits. As you explore our website, we think you’ll find that our products are unique: each one comes ready to assemble, and each is a striking combination of craftsmanship and technology.
We make common products uncommon. You can buy a plywood shed from a big-box retailer, or you can build a Pioneer’s Pride mini-barn made of hemlock timbers and beams joined by oak pegs in about half the time. All of our products are artfully designed, perfectly proportioned and ruggedly good-looking.
To fully appreciate our products, you’ll want to learn about timber-frame construction and what makes it special. Doing so will put you on a journey to a place where second-rate just isn’t good enough; where quality, durability and timeless beauty come together through the work of your own hands.
Be prepared to experience the unexpected thrill of capturing the attention of your friends and neighbors for years to come.