Our Values

Their main goal is to produce something that an individual will be proud to call their own.

John and Todd are men of faith with deep roots in their church community. Family, heritage, history and values are the bedrock of their foundation. Layered upon that foundation is a rich devotion to treat their customers like family. The company’s employees are known to be polite, respectful and neat on the job. The crews are highly organized, professional and meticulous in their work.

The result is a business whose growth is due entirely to referrals from customers who are thoroughly delighted with a project’s outcome.

“One customer invited my family to their home for Christmas,” said Todd. “I was shocked to see that they had bought gifts for all my young children. Truly, they saw us as family.”

Authentic. Genuine. Honest. Talented. Generous. These are the words customers use over and over again to describe the Schlabachs and the company they run.

The Schlabachs are now channeling their combined 80 plus years of experience to a new venture called Pioneer's Pride which will expose a whole new generation to the beauty and strength of timber-frame construction, and bring it to backyards throughout America.