Contemporary timber framing practices

Historical timber framing practices
March 7, 2017

Contemporary timber framing practices

M odern timber framing, while a long tradition, is living and evolving. We are informed by our history, but not bound by it. We choose the tools and technologies that best fit our customers’ needs, so it is not surprising that there is a wide-range of practice within our community. Sorting through the variables is almost as much fun as owning a timber frame!

In addition to timber fabrication and installation, TFG members may offer architectural design and engineering, consulting, general contracting, and more.

While residential building is the largest portion of our work, we work on commercial, institutional, and public buildings as well. Many members offer expertise in restoration and preservation. Some members use only hand tools, while others employ sophisticated computer controlled equipment.

Increasingly, our members are proficient in the design, specification, and installation of extraordinarily energy-efficient enclosure systems including structural insulated panels (SIPs) as well as other green building practices.