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1How sturdy is the pavilion?
The pavilion is extremely sturdy because of its timber-frame structure. The pavilion strength is comparable to a timber-framed barn structure.
2Can I add electricity and a floor?
Pioneer’s Pride products are designed to be customizable (adding nuances like electricity, fans, windows, etc.) to meet individual needs. Yes, you can add electricity. The kit’s centerridge beam comes pre drilled for electrical and/or a fan. Your complete Pioneer’s Pride mini-barn kit includes: - Pre-cut frame - Pre-cut floor - Metal (29-gauge sheeting) roof – available in a choice of colors: black, red, hunter green and brown - Pre-cut walls However, Pioneer’s Pride offers you the opportunity to purchase any of the components separately to provide flexibility and customization. Your Pioneer’s Pride pavilion does not come with a floor or walls. Both structures can be customized with optional roofs. Pioneer’s Pride offers a canvas roof in a variety of colors that provide additional opportunities for personalization such as team logos or family names. The kits can be further customized to meet your individual needs, for an example, you can purchase only the frame and the floor and create a greenhouse from the mini-barn kit.
3How long will it take for me to assemble the Pioneer’s Pride timber-frame kits?
With another person’s assistance, the timber-framing portion of the pavilion can be erected in two hours on average and the project can be completed in one day. With two people, the timber-framing portion of the mini-barn can be erected in two hours on average and the project can be completed in less than two days, making it the perfect weekend project.
4Do I have to treat the wood to withstand the weather?
It is not necessary to treat hemlock wood to withstand the weather, as hemlock wood will weather naturally. However, if you don’t prefer the natural weathered gray color, hemlock can be stained. It entirely depends on the look you wish to achieve. To preserve the original color, a clear stain is recommended. Adding a sealer will enhance the life of the hemlock wood’s appearance. Also, hemlock wood is highly resistance to insects.
5I’ve heard that hemlock wood toughens with age. What does that mean for my pavilion?
It means that your Pioneer’s Pride product will have stability for years to come. Hemlock is a very strong wood, more durable than poplar or white pine.
6Do I have to put a metal roof on the pavilion?
No, in fact, you can order a kit with pergola boards to achieve an open, airy feeling or you can customize the 1-inch by 8-inch tongue and groove wood sheeting by covering it with roofing material to match your house. You can also put an optional canvas roof, which is offered in a variety of colors.
7Will I have to approach my neighborhood association to have this in my backyard?
That depends entirely on your homeowner’s association’s (HOA) bylaws.
8How easy would this be to disassemble to take with me to my next home?
Disassembling is as easy as putting it together. The wooden pins that hold the timber frame together can be easily tapped out. For questions or additional info on how to do this, please call 1-800-PIONEER.
9Is the Pioneer’s Pride pavilion less expensive than buying a plan online and purchasing my own wood?
It’s not comparable. Hemlock wood is not available at your local DIY stores. It would need to be special ordered at a high cost. Also, the timber frame structure using the mortise and tenon construction technique that makes the structure strong and easy to put together is unique to the market.
10What type of ceiling fan can be hung in the pavilion?
You can hang an outdoor fan that can be extended a minimum of 18 inches in order to avoid the blades from hitting the roof pitching. The center ridge beam comes pre-drilled for electrical and/or a fan.
11Is it possible to customize my Pioneer’s Pride kit (i.e. gazebo, circular, etc.)? If I wanted to construct my pavilion to be bigger or smaller or in a rectangle, will you have a kit for that?
Currently, we do not have options for these types of customizations. However, we are continually developing new options based on the feedback we receive from our customers.
12If I make a mistake and ruin a piece of hemlock, can I get a replacement from you?
While it is highly unlikely, Pioneer’s Pride would be happy to replace a hemlock timer. We handle these situations on an individual basis. Please call customer service at 1-800-PIONEER if you need a replacement.
13Do you have list of installers in my area who can help me assemble this?
If you need an installer, please call Pioneer’s Pride customer service to locate an installer in your area.
14When I receive my Pioneer’s Pride pavilion, will the delivery person put it in my garage or backyard?
Delivery will be scheduled to a truck accessible area at the front of your home.
15What type of wood is used to make your products?
The wood used in our products is hemlock from trees cultivated in Pennsylvania. The trees are harvested and trucked to a mill in Ohio where they are cut and milled into the lengths needed for our various products.
16What kind of pegs are used to hold the joinery together? Are pegs included with the product?
The pegs are made of oak, and yes, they are included with each product we sell. Oak is a very hard wood capable of handling the stress of holding the joints together.
17How hard is it to put one of your products together?
It’s remarkably easy. Two people can do it in a day, even for our larger products. One person we know built a pavilion with his 11-year old son in a few hours time.
18Do I need a special tool to hammer the pegs in place?
We recommend using a wooden mallet, and we provide one with every product. Wooden mallets were used for centuries in timber framing.
19What other tools do I need to assemble the product?
A battery-operated drill and two step ladders are needed for the pavilion and the mini-barn. Besides providing the wooded mallet, we also provide two P2 Phillips head bits and a Torx T20 star bit.
20Can I transport the products I buy to my home by myself?
The mailbox post and dog house can be managed by most homeowners. The mini-barn and pavilion weigh 2600 and 1500 pounds respectively, so those products need to be delivered. They will arrive on a flat-bed or tractor-trailer truck. The driver will unload the pallet with a forklift for curbside delivery in your driveway. You will then need to break down the package into manageable pieces and transport them to your assembly area.
21Do I have to pay extra for delivery, or is it included in the price?
Delivery is not included in the price. Shipping rates are as follows: 1. If you live within a 50 mile radius from our headquarters, located in hartville, shipping is $3.50 a mile one way. 2. Delivery for anything from a 51-100 mile radius would be charged the flat rate of $765.00. 3. Delivery for anything greater than a 100 mile radius from our headquarters, please contact us to discuss your shipping options. In any case where shipping cost or delivery requirements are a concern, it is always best to contact us by phone during business hours or by email/contact form. *NOTE* - If you live within a 50 mile radius from our headquarters, please call in to place your order or contact us through our contact form to receive the $3.50 a mile shipping quote. Otherwise flat rate is charged as a standard fee when ordering online.
22Will I have to buy any hardware to assemble the product I choose?
No. We go to great lengths to make sure you have all the hardware you need for assembly.
23How is the Pioneer’s Pride mini-barn different from a shed?
The Pioneer’s Pride mini-barn is a high-quality, stronger and more durable structure that uses hemlock wood that will last a lifetime. It is constructed using timber framing with motise and tenon joints with pegs, making it extremely fast to assemble, compared to a typical shed. The timbers are lightweight for easy handling. Hemlock sheeting underneath the roof provides added structural durability. The timbers inside are aesthetically pleasing in comparison to a conventional lumber shed.
24Do you build custom pavilions?
Yes! We build custom pavilions in the Northeast Ohio area. Call us to discuss your project!