10′ x 10′ Timber Frame Pergola

Timber Frame Sandbox with Canvas Roof
October 31, 2017
12′ x 16′ Timber Frame Pavilion
February 15, 2018
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Transform your backyard into a blissful sanctuary with a timber-framed pergola.

A pergola is the perfect structure for the creative property owner who wants to personalize their outdoor space.

Your pergola can add privacy to your yard when decorated with plants or latticework. Or use it as a canvas for designing your outdoor fantasy landscape.

Whatever you choose, the pergola offers you the perfect level of flexibility to give your imagination free reign.

Our pergola is timber-framed, a centuries-old building technique that relies on mortise-and-tenon joints and wooden pegs to hold thick timbers together.

The end result is a picture of beautiful craftsmanship and rugged strength that will far outlast any you might buy elsewhere.

Your pergola will arrive as a kit that can be easily assembled in a day. All you will need is two or three people, a ladder, and a driII.

Our pergolas are made from hemlock or northeastern white pine. It is not necessary to treat the wood to withstand the weather, as hemlock wood will weather naturally. However, if you don’t prefer the natural weathered gray color, it can be stained. It entirely depends on the look you wish to achieve. To preserve the original color, a clear stain is recommended. Adding a sealer will enhance the life of the hemlock wood’s appearance.

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Weight 1800 lbs
Dimensions 120 × 120 × 108 in