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May 8, 2017
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Pioneer’s Pride Company Backgrounder


Pioneer’s Pride offers do-it-yourself kits to those who want to build their own timber-frame structures. Designed to easily assemble with simple tools, the kits feature beams constructed with mortise and tenon joints secured by wooden pegs. The timber framework is assembled with a wooden mallet.

Constructed of high-quality, durable, hemlock wood, the timber-frame kits reflect the beauty and strength of early American craftsmanship. Hemlock wood is a strong, but light in weight, making it easy for two people to efficiently build their own original timber-frame structure in a very short time.


Pioneer’s Pride channels the combined 80-plus years of experience of father and son, John and Todd Schlabach. The Schlabachs earned a reputation for their ability to repair barns and specialized in challenging restoration projects, as well as their expertise in building new, timber-frame barn structures.

Schlabach started his career in the construction industry in 1965 when he opened Schlabach & Sons, a construction company located in Hartville, Ohio, that repaired and painted structures, focusing on timber framing.

Over the years, Schlabach earned a reputation for his ability to repair barns and specialized in challenging restoration projects, as well as his expertise in building new, timber-frame barn structures.

In 1997, Todd officially joined the company as a partner, and it was renamed Pro Built Construction. Several years later Pro Built Construction branded itself and began doing business as Hartville Barn Boys. Over the years, Pro Built Construction has lifted churches, replaced foundations, rebuilt homes, repaired barns, built additions of all kinds and constructed brand new timber-frame barns.

Timber Framing History

Timber framing, a distinctive style of building construction in which heavy timbers put together with mortise and tenon joints and pegs to frame the structure, was used throughout the world until roughly 1900. Construction methods changed when the demand for inexpensive, fast housing brought conventional lumber to the construction forefront.

Built to last, timber-framed buildings from centuries ago can still be seen and used today. For an example, the famous Old North Church, located in Boston, Massachusetts, and built in 1723, made famous by Paul Revere and its two lanterns to signal that the British were coming by sea instead of land, is still used for services today.


Pioneer’s Pride’s has four, do-it-yourself kits for building timber-frame structures available:

• Mini-Barn – an attractive storage barn, measures 80 square feet in area and 10 feet high

• Pavilion – perfectly proportioned structure to provide beauty to backyards, measures 100 square feet and 10 feet high

• Doghouse – large enough for big dogs and stately for smaller breeds, measures 36-inches wide, 40-inches deep and 48 inches high

• Mailbox Post – aesthetically designed with rustic elegance, one solid post with arm brace provides stability for mailboxes, convenient to mount the mailbox, measures 5 inches wide, 3 feet deep and 8 feet high and weighing 50 pounds.


Pioneer’s Pride kits range in price from $119 to $6,299 (from the mailbox post to the mini-barn). Information on purchasing and delivery can be found at


Pioneer’s Pride is located in Hartville, Ohio, in the heart of northeast Ohio, near Akron and Cleveland.

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