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June 30, 2017
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June 30, 2017
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A dog is a man’s best friend, and our timber frame dog house gives your beloved pet a stately home outside of home. Our easy-to-follow assembly instructions ensure that this beautifully designed project goes together easily with simple tools and without using nails of any kind. Your friends and neighbors will envy your carpentry skills. They’ll be even more impressed when you tell them you built it in about an hour.

There is simply no substitute for timber framing when it comes to long-lasting charm and durability. This dog house is large enough for big dogs and sumptuous enough for the smallest breeds.

At 200 pounds, it will stand up to the elements for years to come, providing your best friend with protection from the sun, rain, snow and cold. This is a must-have addition to your backyard that you’ll will be proud to have on display.

Our kit includes everything you need to build the dog house. All you need is your imagination to decorate it to your own taste, making it truly one of a kind.

It is not necessary to treat hemlock wood to withstand the weather, as hemlock wood will weather naturally. However, if you don’t prefer the natural weathered gray color, hemlock can be stained. It entirely depends on the look you wish to achieve. To preserve the original color, a clear stain is recommended. Adding a sealer will enhance the life of the hemlock wood’s appearance. Also, hemlock wood is highly resistance to insects. Stain is not included with purchase.

Pioneer’s Pride™ timber frame kits are Patent Pending.

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Weight 200 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 40 × 48 in