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Timber Frame Pavilion 12’x16′
February 15, 2018
November 10, 2020
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Bring your family together this summer with a simple, yet elegant DIY project. Your timber-framed pavilion will enrich your outdoor space while impressing your friends and neighbors. Expect to build a lifetime of memories here!

Take advantage of our exclusive summer offer to Great Big Home and Garden Show attendees. Grab a pavilion now before prices go up! We’ve only got 10 kits available at this special price, and they are going to go quick.

Only pay a 20% deposit today (only $999), then pick a date you’d like your pavilion to arrive. We won’t bill you for the rest until then.

A pavilion from Pioneer’s Pride is an investment in serenity.

Imagine this magnificent pavilion – built using an old-world timber frame construction method – charming your backyard, or your summer home by the lake, or even that get-away part of your property – the place you go to just to commune with nature.

Properly situated on your land, this eye-catching pavilion will open to you a vista of natural beauty to enjoy for generations to come. The special people in your life will love it, too. Here is where an abundance of memories will be made in the years ahead.

The structure is 100 square feet and ten feet high. Two or three friends can assemble it in less than a day using our remarkably easy-to-follow instructions. Add your own creative finishing touches to make it one-of-a-kind.

Perfectly proportioned and artfully designed, our pavilion will bring a smile to your face and lift your spirits every time you enjoy its timeless beauty.

It is not necessary to treat hemlock wood to withstand the weather, as hemlock wood will weather naturally. However, if you don’t prefer the natural weathered gray color, hemlock can be stained. It entirely depends on the look you wish to achieve. To preserve the original color, a clear stain is recommended. Adding a sealer will enhance the life of the hemlock wood’s appearance. Also, hemlock wood is highly resistance to insects. Stain is not included with purchase.

Pioneer’s Pride™ timber frame kits are Patent Pending.

The total cost of this Timber Frame Pavilion is $4,999. This deposit of $999 (20%) will be deducted from that amount. Shipping and taxes will be calculated and and collected upon final payment. 

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